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Employ: Your Smart Partner for Real Estate Recruiting

Employ is more than just a recruiting platform. It's a comprehensive hiring solution, tailored to the real estate sector, that combines advanced technology with a passion for customer service.

Employ, the all in one solution for Real Estate hiring process, blends cutting-edge tech with exceptional customer support.
Employ’s artificial intelligence and virtual recruiter.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Recruiter

At the core of Employ is our 100% virtual recruiter based on artificial intelligence. This system not only can conduct interviews with multiple candidates simultaneously, but it also provides comprehensive analysis to help you make more informed hiring decisions.

Integration and Compatibility

We connect with various employment platforms such as LinkedIn Sponsored Jobs, Indeed, Monster, and many more, streamlining your hiring process and eliminating tedious tasks. Additionally, our integrations with services like E-Verify, Background Check, and Drug Check ensure a secure and efficient hiring process.

Employ solves the most complex processes in your day-to-day business.
Employ's Onboarding feature

Beyond Recruitment

We offer tools for the onboarding of new hires and an HR Core tool for managing employees and their documentation. Additionally, our Career Pages module and job posting templates will further streamline your hiring process.

Personalized Assistance and Custom Configurations

What sets us apart at Employ is our dedication to customer service. Not only do we offer dedicated support, but we also provide the option for custom configurations and tailored developments to ensure our platform adapts to the unique needs of your company.

Employ adapts and configures to your specific needs.
Employ use the most powerful tools to give you a first class solution.

Integration with ChatGPT

Additionally, Employ is integrated with ChatGPT, an intelligent assistant that aids in text creation and editing, further enhancing your internal and external communications.

With Employ, you get a recruiting partner that cares as much about your hiring process as you do. Try Employ today and discover how we can revolutionize your hiring process, with cutting-edge technology and the customer service you deserve.


Jennifer Smith profile picture
Jennifer Smith
Property Manager
Southern Estates Realty
"Since implementing Employ at our agency, the recruitment process has been completely transformed. The AI-based virtual recruiter has enabled us to streamline our hiring, and the detailed analytics and transcriptions have given us unparalleled insight into our candidates. Moreover, the customer service is exceptional, always willing to help and offering the possibility to request custom configurations. I can’t imagine how we managed before without Employ."
Michael Thompson profile picture
Michael Thompson
Director of Human Resources
Living Spaces Group
"Employ has revolutionized our hiring process. From integrations with major job platforms to onboarding and employee management, every aspect of our hiring has become more efficient. But what has truly blown us away is their customer service, always there with a genuine commitment to understanding and satisfying our needs. Employ is a game changer in recruitment."
Rachel Stevens profile picture
Rachel Stevens
Human Resources Coordinator
Eastside Multifamily Properties
"What we value most about Employ is their ability to customize and adapt to our needs. Not only is it an excellent tool for recruitment, but it also provides assistance for creating and editing text with its ChatGPT integration, which has optimized our internal and external communications. Their customer service team is unmatched, and it really feels like we are a priority for them. With Employ, we have found a true partner for our hiring process."

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