Privacy Policy

Last updated January 12 2023
Employ is a SaaS solution for human resource management, powered by advanced AI-driven recruitment capabilities.

We deeply value your privacy. It's crucial for us to be transparent about how we handle the information you share with us. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our practices. For any questions, feel free to reach out to

This Privacy Policy elucidates:
- The information we gather and the reasons behind it.
- How we utilize the collected information.

Your decision
By sharing your personal information with us, you grant us permission to collect, store, use, and disclose that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Information you provide
THE KIND OF INFORMATION YOU SUBMIT VARIES BASED ON YOUR ROLE: ADMINISTRATOR OR END USER. Administrators are individuals who create job listings and share them with applicants. An individual within your organization typically assumes the Administrator role. On the other hand, Applicants are those who apply to the job opportunities presented.
When creating an account:
Administrators share the following information:

First Name
Last Name
Company Name
Company Email
When creating an account:
Not required: users don't need to set up an account with Employ.
When sending an invitation to an Applicant:
Administrators have the ability to invite Applicants using various methods, one of which is through a direct link. It's crucial to understand that Employ will never directly contact the Applicant to offer newsletters or updates. However, Employ will retain specific information to streamline and expedite the process of sharing subsequent job postings.
When an application is shared with an Applicant:
Including elements such as forms and questionnaires, the Administrators of that organization will have access to the responses to the forms and questionnaires.
When creating materials for job applications:
Administrators can include text, videos, and photos in the applications. Administrators may choose to include content that is personal information, corporate information, and/or restricted information. Employ does not have access to any job application content created within our platform. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ADMINISTRATORS TO ENSURE THEY ARE LEGALLY PERMITTED TO INPUT INFORMATION INTO A CLOUD-BASED HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.
When creating materials for job applications:
Not required.
Other information you might provide:
Contacting Us: When reaching out for information, subscribing to updates or newsletters, or engaging in any way, we collect details like your email, phone, or address.

Feedback and Reviews: You may be invited to evaluate our services, potentially sharing personal information in the process.

Interactive Tools: We offer features like chat systems, blogs, and social networks. Information you share in open sections is considered public and falls outside of our privacy safeguards.

Events and Webinars: We host online seminars and meetings, gathering data from participants interested in Employ and its offerings.

Partnerships and Business Opportunities: We gather information from individuals and entities to explore potential collaborations or projects.

We collect data in the following ways:

- Details you provide, as reflected in the table above.This encompasses items such as email address, first name, last name, company name, phone number, address, state or region, postal code, city, cookies, and activity logs. It also includes content you upload, download, collaborate on, or share, like photos and videos. This material might contain personal details or any other sensitive data you decide to include.

- Information derived from your interaction with our services.For Customer Support: Our products utilize Intercom, which collects data such as Country, State, and Postal Code.

For Ensuring Accurate Reporting to Administrators: Our products use an Employ cookie file that stores specific pieces of information:

Application Status: whether an application has been accessed or not, whether it has been successfully completed or not.

No additional information about Applicants is monitored or collected by us.

What we do with the collected information:
In summary, the information we gather serves to enhance our services, communicate changes to users, facilitate engagement in interactive features, provide customer assistance, process payments, gain valuable insights for optimizing our products, and adhere to legal obligations.

We may utilize the information we collect, encompassing both personal and transactional data, for the following purposes:

- In order to provide internal and service-related maintenance, ensure protection, implement enhancements, and tailor our services, we also aim to develop new features and safeguard the rights, property, and security of our users.

- Engage with administrators overseeing applications to share information that we deem valuable or pertinent for you (which encompasses discussions regarding invoicing, services for managing accounts, and administrative concerns, delivering assistance to customers, and furnishing you with notifications regarding activities undertaken by applicants within your applications).

- With the aim of monitoring and analyzing trends, usage, and activities in connection with our services (for instance, the number of applications you've submitted or your preferred method of content sharing), Employ will never access the content of your applications. It upholds strict security policies to ensure the privacy of all application content.

- With the intention of investigating and preventing fraudulent transactions, unauthorized access to or misuse of our services, as well as other illegal or unusual activities.

- With the aim of aiding in resolving any issues related to our services or products, we might maintain a record of customer service-related inquiries and use your email address to keep you informed about upcoming changes or enhancements.

- With the aim of enhancing your user experience and elevating the overall quality of our services through the utilization of cookies and other technologies.

- With the intention of upholding our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and in accordance with other provisions outlined within this Privacy Policy.

Storage of your Data
We hold onto personal information for the duration required to deliver our services to you and fulfill other purposes specified in this Privacy Policy. You can always make a request to halt the processing or erase your personal data by sending an email to However, there might be instances where we are obligated to retain some of your data for specific timeframes to comply with legal obligations.

Once the need for your information ceases, we will ensure its secure destruction or de-identification.

How We Share Your Information:
We do not share personal information with third parties unless one of the following circumstances applies:

- Upon Your Approval: We will disclose personal information, such as your utilization of our services, your corporate emblem, or other distinctive details, to individuals or entities only when we have obtained your explicit consent to proceed.

- Collaboration with External Service Providers: Under certain circumstances, we will share personal information with external service providers who support and enhance our operations. These collaborators may include, among others, experts in information technology, data management, web hosting, maintenance, cybersecurity, project management tools, email services, and payment systems. Additionally, to analyze data, manage financial systems, and utilize advanced technologies, we partner with Synthesia for text-to-video conversion and OpenAI as a provider of generative artificial intelligence technology. These collaborations enable us to deliver quality service while safeguarding your privacy and security.

- Legal Obligations: We may share your information if required by law, regulation, or as part of any legal process. This encompasses enforcing our policies or safeguarding our legal rights. If a regulatory body or law enforcement agency requests information, we may disclose certain information if allowed by applicable laws.

Security of Data
We have implemented robust strategies to ensure the security of the information we collect and store about you. Our top priority is to safeguard your personal data from any unauthorized access, alterations, disclosures, or losses.

By utilizing our Services or sharing personal information with us, you acknowledge your consent to our electronic communication regarding security, privacy, and administrative matters related to your interaction and usage of the Services. If we become aware of any breach in our security system, we will make efforts to inform you electronically, either through a notice posted within the Services or via email.

Updates to This Privacy Policy
We might modify this Privacy Policy occasionally and will display the most current version on our website. If there are substantial changes, we will notify you in accordance with applicable laws. By continuing to use the Services after the new Privacy Policy takes effect, you agree to its updated terms.

For inquiries or to reach out regarding the handling of your personal data, please email us at