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Video interview
Synthesia provides an AI video platform for easy creation of customized videos with virtual presenters. Automate video production and engage audiences effectively.

AI-driven video technology is invaluable for many reasons, the main ones are outlined below:

  • Customized Interaction: Utilize virtual presenters to personalize video interviews, tailoring questions based on candidate profiles.
  • Consistency: Ensure uniformity by using virtual presenters, removing human bias and maintaining fairness.
  • Time Saving: Automated video interviews accelerate selection, allowing candidates to respond at their convenience.
  • Scalability: Handle large volumes efficiently for extensive recruitment needs.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Candidates feel at ease interacting with virtual presenters, potentially boosting performance.
  • Response Analysis: Evaluate candidate responses for informed hiring choices.
  • Language Diversity: Virtual presenters can communicate in multiple languages and accents.
  • Resource Efficiency: Free up HR resources for more advanced selection stages.

Enhances efficiency, customization, and scalability, elevating the candidate selection process.