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Welcome to the only HR platform that automates every stage of the hiring process, from job postings to final selections. Trusted by hundreds of HR departments across the United States, we're more than just a tech solution—we're a game changer in recruitment.

We don't just automate tasks; we elevate your entire recruitment strategy. Take advantage of features like automated job postings across multiple platforms,
actionable analytics to guide your decisions, and innovative algorithms that significantly reduce cognitive biases.

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Built for SMBs
We understand the unique challenges of SMBs and offer specialized solutions to foster exceptional workplaces. Our focus is to help you build a strong organizational culture effortlessly.
Engineered for clarity and ease, our intuitive interface guarantees immediate user adoption and boosts efficiency. Navigate through the hiring process with unparalleled simplicity.
Exceptional Support
We set a new standard in client care, always tuned to your needs to help your business thrive. Our dedicated team provides timely insights and assistance.

AI Virtual Recruiters

⏱ Time is Money, Don't Waste Either!

Conducting interviews is a time consuming process that takes you and your team away from other important tasks. Our AI Virtual Recruiters are capable of conducting multiple interviews simultaneously, 24/7. Speed up your time to hire and get back to what matters most—growing your business.

⚖️ Level the Playing Field for All Candidates

Human bias is an unfortunate reality in traditional recruitment. Our AI ensures that each interview is conducted using a standardized set of questions and evaluation criteria, making your hiring process as fair as it gets.

📈 Turn Intuition into Precision

Why rely solely on gut feeling when you can back up your decisions with data? Our AI Virtual Recruiters collect and analyze multiple metrics from each interview, helping you to make more informed and successful hiring choices.
Hire 10x faster with Employ AI.
Attract the best candidates with our self-service AI tool.

Hiring and Onboarding

🎯 Your All-in-One Dashboard for Recruitment

Tired of juggling multiple spreadsheets and software solutions? Our Applicant Tracking System is your centralized hub for end to end recruitment. Track every candidate, at every stage, for every job, all in real time.

👥 A 360-Degree View at a Glance

Gone are the days when resumes and test scores were enough. Our Candidate Profiles go beyond, offering you an enriched view of every applicant. Along with traditional metrics, you get video interviews, transcriptions, and nuanced analytics based on candidate responses. Make hiring decisions that are as multi-dimensional as your candidates.

✍🏼 Fast, Secure, and Paperless

Gone are the days of chasing after signatures on paper documents. Our secure e signature feature ensures you can send, receive, and store all your essential documents in a legally binding digital format.
Interview many candidates simultaneously.
Chill while we interview.


🌐 Unlock Transparency and Trust

Communication is the cornerstone of any strong company culture. Employ provides you with the tools to keep everyone connected and aligned, promoting an open, transparent, and trust based environment.

💬 Keep Your Team Invested

Engagement is the key to productivity and satisfaction. With Employ s unique tools, you can keep a pulse on employee involvement and take proactive steps to keep your team motivated and invested in their work.

😃 Create a Welcoming Environment for All

Inclusivity isn't just a buzzword; it's a business imperative. Employ helps you build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture with features designed to eliminate unconscious bias and promote equal opportunities.
More accuracy, less bias. Replay the video, your memory may fail.


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