Automate and Streamline Your Screenings

A new way to hire faster, work smarter and enhance the candidate experience.

Hiring is made easy by Employ. Zero-learning curve and faster than any other tool.
Let the interviews flow like water
Video interviews
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Still doing 1-on-1 interviews to candidates?
With non-automated interviews, resume screening, and candidate follow-ups, it's no wonder TA pros spend up to 80% of their time focused on unqualified candidates.
Break the cycle of employee attrition
Employee attrition can be a real headache. Messed up team dynamics, disrupted workflows, and not to mention the fortune it costs in recruiting, training, and lost productivity.

Reduce time to hire by 94%

Leverage the power of automation to save your TA team hours of mundane work per candidate. Through smart automated interviews, you can surface high-quality candidates in real time simultaneously.

Employ, the all in one solution for Real Estate hiring process, blends cutting-edge tech with exceptional customer support.
Employ’s artificial intelligence and virtual recruiter.

Get to quality candidates quicker

Boost employee retention by ensuring you hire quality candidates first. By leveraging historical data as well as qualifications such as skills, experience, and location, our predictive analytics can put employees most likely to stay, on the fast track to being hired.

All-in-one Recruiting Software


Meet candidates where they are.

Job Boards
Publish in multiple portals at the same time.

Social Media
Get more ROI from your campaigns with an application flow that converts.

✅ Careers Page
Keep an up-to-date landing for those who would like you to join your team.


Talk the talk and walk the walk.

✅ Video Interviews
Meet future team members with engaging interviews by AI Recruiters.

✅ Frictionless Flow
Engage your candidates to swipe, click and watch their way through a mobile-first application process.

✅ Progressive Application
Capture candidate information as you engage them through their application, no one gets left behind.


Quality candidates, fast.

✅ Dynamic Screening
Screen candidates authentically leveraging native video, text and audio capabilities.

✅ Native Qualification
From Instagram’s Stories-like interactions to AI video interviewing, create a native experience that keeps your candidates engaged.

✅ Ongoing Engagement
Automated communication by stage with candidates.
Hire 10x faster with Employ AI.
Attract the best candidates with our self-service AI tool.