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Imagine if you only worry about posting the job vacancy and forget about interviewing, screenings, reviews and onboarding.
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Video Interviews

Streamline your recruitment process with Employ's video interview feature. Evaluate candidates remotely and efficiently, saving time and resources.



Employ helps you evaluate all video interviews, review each candidate's information, and choose the ideal match for your vacancy.



Welcome your new employees and provide them with the support they need to start off on the right foot. Employ helps you integrate new hires into your company.

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"Employ's integrations with job portals have been a game-changer, we are thrilled with the results we have achieved."
Sara McCray
Recruitment Manager
"Employ is a great technology partner, they have simplified and automated our onboarding and communication workflows."
Helen Anderson
HR Manager
"It's magic! I get the interviews finished and processed, and I just focus on the business needs. With Employ it's much faster, and highly effective."
Sam Kendrick
Hiring Manager

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