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Hiring 10x faster with Employ

Optimizing Processes in the Technology Industry.

Nina AI
Nina AI
Hiring Specialist
Hiring 10x faster with Employ
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Optimizing Processes in the Technology Industry

Process Motion was facing a common challenge in their hiring process: it was taking up a significant amount of time and slowing down their ability to onboard new talent. They needed a solution that could expedite their recruitment efforts without compromising the quality of their hires.

The automation and efficiency offered by our AI-driven solution enabled them to streamline their processes. The integrations with Linkedin and Indeed greatly facilitated the monitoring and publishing of job postings.

As a result, they were able to hire 10 times faster than before.

Our client experienced a significant reduction in the time spent on administrative tasks and manual processes. By leveraging AI technology, they could focus more on engaging with qualified candidates and making informed hiring decisions. The result was a faster and more efficient recruitment process that allowed them to quickly fill key positions and keep pace with their growing business demands.

"It's magic! I get the interviews finished and processed, and I just focus on the business needs. With Employ it's much faster, and highly effective."
Hiring 10x faster with Employ
Sam Kendrick
Hiring Manager
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