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Employ and Greenpeace: Revolutionizing Recruitment with AI for a Greener Tomorrow

Learn how Employ's AI Video Interviews transformed Greenpeace's global talent acquisition

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Nina AI
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Employ and Greenpeace: Revolutionizing Recruitment with AI for a Greener Tomorrow
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In a world that demands robust activism, Greenpeace has been a consistent advocate for environmental justice. Yet, managing talent acquisition across 50 countries presented unique challenges. That's where Employ came in. This blog post examines how Employ's innovative solutions, including our AI Video Interviews, dramatically streamlined Greenpeace's recruitment process.

The Challenges Greenpeace Faced

Greenpeace had several issues to contend with:

  1. Fragmented Processes: They had different hiring practices in each of their global locations, making talent acquisition complex and lengthy.
  1. Data Silos: A lack of centralized data made it difficult to make informed hiring decisions.
  1. High Costs and Low Sustainability: Traditional recruitment methods were costly and not aligned with Greenpeace's sustainability goals.

Employ’s Tailored Solutions

Employ's package of customized solutions for Greenpeace included:

Centralized Candidate Management: Our applicant tracking system created a unified candidate database accessible from any of Greenpeace's global locations.

AI Video Interviews: Employ’s AI-driven video interviews significantly reduced the manual workload, providing quick yet comprehensive assessments of candidates.

Automated Pre-Screening: Employ's Forms feature made initial assessments quick and streamlined.

Data-Driven Insights: Analytics tools offered vital information for shaping recruitment strategies.

Security and Compliance: All candidate data was stored securely and in compliance with data protection laws.

Real-world Impact: The Transformation

Enhanced Candidate Assessment

Employ’s AI Video Interviews allowed Greenpeace to have a more in-depth understanding of candidates before even meeting them, saving valuable time and resources.

Streamlined Processes

Employ's comprehensive solutions made the recruitment cycle more efficient, cutting down time and costs.


By going digital with Employ, Greenpeace could align their operational tactics with their core mission of sustainability.

Data-Driven Decision Making

With actionable insights from Employ’s analytics tools, Greenpeace made more informed, strategic decisions.

Client Testimonial

"Employ's solutions, particularly the AI Video Interviews, revolutionized our hiring. The process is now quicker, smarter, and aligns with our sustainability goals." – HR Manager, Greenpeace International


Employ’s suite of solutions has been a game-changer for Greenpeace, providing them with the tools to simplify complex recruitment processes, make data-driven decisions, and align operations with their sustainability goals. Employ continues to be a strategic partner for Greenpeace, empowering them to focus on their core mission while we handle the intricacies of talent acquisition.

Employ and Greenpeace: Revolutionizing Recruitment with AI for a Greener Tomorrow
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